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5 Stunning Colour Combinations for Your Living Space


Tired of looking at your dull walls and wanting to spruce up your living space in a way that inspires you and best reflects your taste? Why not use gorgeous two-colour combinations for different rooms to set the tone of your daily life?

One of the best ways to figure out a colour palette for your home is to utilise contemporary tools like Asian Paints shade card which aids in visualising wall colours before you bring swatches home to try.

In this blog, we will share with you 5 beautiful wall colour combinations that you can consider using for your abode in 2024.

1. Dusty Pink and Charcoal Grey

When you pair a soft dusty pink with an intense charcoal grey colour, you will get a versatile colour combination that is perfect for your bedroom, living room and home study. This colour combination will instantly make your space appear elegant, stylish and put together. People who have mid-century modern, contemporary style and minimalist-themed houses can consider incorporating this colour combination into their home decor.

2. Mid-tone Blue and White

Want a colour combination that is timeless and which radiates calmness and serenity? We recommend that you paint your home in a mid-tone blue and white colour combination. While mid-tone blue will make your space look regal and stylish, white will act as a perfect neutral backdrop that balances this deeper shade of blue. This wall colour combination is perfect for your bedroom, guestroom, powder room and living room.

3. Mountain Sage and Pale Cream

Want a colour combination that is earthy, grounding and relaxing? Choose a mountain sage and pale cream colour combination from the Asian Paints shade card and you won’t be disappointed. While mountain sage will bring the outdoors inside and bring a sense of calm to your space, pale cream will perfectly contrast this indulgent green hue and create a well-balanced living space. You can use this colour combination for your living room and kitchen.

4. Dark Forest Green and Ivory

Want a colour combination that rejuvenates you and soothes your soul? We recommend that you go for a dark forest green and ivory colour combination. This colour combination will make you think of vast lush green forests and transform your home into a peaceful oasis of your own. You can introduce this wall colour design in your living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

5. Moody Black and Soft White

Want to stick to your traditional neutrals but want your walls to make a statement? You can now do so by opting for a moody black and soft white colour combination. The soft white will beautifully juxtapose the intense black and make your space appear chic, cosy and right out of a magazine. Wondering where you can use this bold colour combination. From the dining room, and home study to the powder room, hallway area and kitchen, you can get creative and introduce this colour combination in different areas of your home in 2024.

The Final Verdict

Who says selecting wall colour designs for your home has to be a chore? You can make it a delightful and fulfilling process by choosing hues and wall colour combinations that make you happy and you naturally gravitate towards. Remember that the wall colour combination you choose for your abode will have a profound impact on the mood of your space and the people living in it. Hence, it is normal if you want to seek professional guidance to choose the right hues for your home. This is where we recommend that you choose AapkaPainter services.

No matter what kind of service you are looking for, from helping you pick the right wall colour design for your abode, and installing wallpapers to waterproofing and wood coating, the professionals at AapkaPainter will help you in every step of building your dream abode.

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