Shower Faucet Repair

Common Reasons Why You May Need A Shower Faucet Repair To Fix An Ongoing Leak!


We all rely upon our shower faucets each and every day, which is exactly why it’s sometimes tough to remain objective when you’re in need of a shower faucet repair or other types of shower repairs.

Whenever your shower faucet is acting up, it’s important to contact your local plumbing provider as soon as possible. This is particularly an emergency situation when you’re experiencing a shower leak, because you’ll be wasting tons of water until you eventually get the issues addressed by professionals.

Below we’ll be going over some of the common reasons why your shower faucet may be experiencing a leak!

Mineral & Sediment Buildup

By far one of the most common causes of shower leaks is that the plumbing system is experiencing mineral and/or sediment buildup. This type of buildup can lead to sticky valves and faucet connections, which then makes it extremely difficult to actually turn your shower off.

Improper Shower Installations

When showers aren’t correctly installed, it can lead to leaks that aren’t easily resolvable. This is why it’s always crucial to double-check the washer connections used within a showerhead installation, but of course this type of inspection should always be done by experienced specialists to ensure that the improper installation is accurately fixed.

Damaged Shower Parts

Another cause for a shower leak is that there’s something wrong within your actual shower faucet. A lot of people forget to look at the inner workings of their showerheads and handles, and eventually washers and rubber seals can get worn down.

When this type of situation occurs, it makes it exponentially more likely for shower leaks to arise.

Loose Shower Connections

Another likely possibility that’s causing your shower leak is a loose connection or two within your shower faucet. When these types of connection issues arise, it can lead to all sorts of water problems and leaks that are difficult to resolve.

Whenever you find yourself in this type of situation, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a DIY plumbing repair. In order to get your loose connections inspected properly, you’ll need to invest in a professional shower faucet repair job.

Your Shower’s Washers Are Worn Out

Worn out washers are another common cause for shower faucet repairs, because without proper washer connections, it’ll be nearly impossible to correctly turn your shower off when it’s not needed.

Your shower’s washers are typically located underneath faucet handles, and the general purpose of these washers is to create a watertight seal between the inner workings of your shower and the actual bathroom. When these seals lose their tightness, leaks are almost a given!

Aerator Clogs

When you have an aerator clog in your shower faucet, it can sometimes lead to persistent leaks. This is because the purpose of your shower’s aerator is to mix water and air together, which helps you conserve water with each shower.

What commonly occurs is that the aerator will begin to experience sediment buildup, and this then leads to slow drips and leak issues that require professional help.

Contact The Beehive Plumbing Team When You Need A Shower Faucet Repair At Your House!

There are plenty of reasons why your shower may be leaking, and shower faucet repairs are a lot more common than most homeowners would probably assume. There’s nothing wrong with having these types of household issues, but there typically is something wrong when you try to tackle these plumbing problems as your next DIY project.

Shower faucet repairs and leaks are always serious issues that require professional attention, and you can learn more about these plumbing repairs by going to the Beehive Plumbing homepage via the hyperlink at the beginning of this page!

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