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Home automation summer must haves

If you want to enjoy a relaxed, carefree summer this year and beyond, then smart home automation could be the right option for you. By integrating an array of technologies into your home, you can create a highly personalised living experience that’ll help you sail through the warmer months in style. Home automation installers in Kent know exactly what’s required to turn your pad into a summer paradise, so here are some ideas to consider.

Be as Cool as a Cucumber

When the sun’s in the sky and it’s warm or muggy, you can still live your best life thanks to smart cooling systems which are easy to control from tablets, touchscreens and mobiles. With 24/7 accessibility from anywhere in the world, you can ramp up the AC before you come home from work or make sure the house feels cool after a summer getaway. Add some motorised shading into the mix and you will effectively reduce excess glare and heat gain too. Smart home systems can be programmed to work together during certain times of the day, so your motorised shades can lower to block out direct sunlight while your air conditioning works to keep the air cool.

Conserve Energy

The kids may be lounging around at home one minute and outside splashing in the pool or having ice lollies in town the next. They might not think about turning off the lights or the air conditioning, but with smart systems and motion detectors, the lights and climate control can switch off automatically, helping you to conserve energy.

Improve Security and Access

Going away on a two-week summer holiday abroad? Then rest assured that your house will be as safe as possible with an integrated security system. When sensors are triggered, for instance, your home automation system can activate televisions, audio and lights to scare away intruders. You will also receive alerts and can monitor any activity via the cameras surrounding your property. If someone arrives at your gates, you can even have a remote two-way conversation from your phone.

Create an Enchanting Outdoor Space

From audio to creative lighting, you can create an enchanting outdoor space that can be enjoyed all summer long. Lighting can be adjusted according to the time of day, and with plenty of fittings to explore, you can find something to match your environment. By using lighting scenes, smart programming, sensors and timers to control your lights, you can effectively reduce your energy usage and more importantly, energy waste.

Meanwhile, outdoor speakers can bring your favourite audio outside so you can continue to enjoy it in the sunshine. Listen seamlessly to your playlists, podcasts or radio stations as you move from inside to outside, and as you move around your grounds.

Contact a home automation specialist in Kent and create a smart summer space for you and your family. Complete automation will transform your environment and the way you live.

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