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Kanat Sultanbekov New York- Effects of The COVID-19 Pandemic on Commercial Construction Projects


The coronavirus pandemic just came out of the blue, affecting almost every industry worldwide. Regarding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the construction industry, market leaders in the field are determined more than their ability and reputation to tackle the critical challenges posed to the sector after the pandemic. Research in the area has shown that contractors are concerned about the financial losses of their projects due to the pandemic and the future of its operations and capital resources. Again, some leaders in the construction sector fear the advent of a global recession and are more intent on adapting quickly to prevent time and cost delays in their projects.

Kanat Sultanbekov, New York- how can losses be prevented due to the effects of the pandemic?

Kanat Sultanbekov is an experienced construction project manager from New York known for his proven track record in completing projects on time and within budget. According to him, project managers should focus on suitable investments in technology and processes so that challenges can be addressed better and the delivery of the project is done as per its desired safety and quality standards.

Kanat SultanbekovNew York, states that the costs of the construction project need to be kept competitive. Embracing off-site, modular can attain this, or prefabricated project delivery processes while automating and streamlining project steps from the back-end. These challenges can generate revenue from alternate sources like facilities and maintenance management. In some instances, there is a probability of increasing the potential revenue needed for the license of the proprietary designs in the projects.

The need to arrest risks to optimize the value of the project 

Skilled project managers of construction projects can manage disruptive events like the COVID 19 pandemic with the proper tools and strategies. Disruptions can cause projects to overrun their budget and time; an area project managers must focus on. They should be able to focus on risk management, so that project surprises and risks are managed effectively.

Pay attention to the safety of the workers on the construction site

Construction project managers should pay attention to the safety protocols for their sites. They must protect workers from infections and give them breaks if they feel sick or have a fever. In places where the chances of contaminating the coronavirus are high, managers must ensure the workers on the site maintain the proper social distancing protocols so that there are no chances of one worker infecting another worker with the virus.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov New York, the workers on the site must wear PPE, and before the tasks for the day start, temperature checks must be carried out. In this way, construction workers on site can stay protected, and the quality and timeline of the project are not compromised in any way due to the coronavirus pandemic. Safety and hygiene is an integral part of the work ambience. There should be no compromise of any kind in this respect.

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