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Revolutionising Modern Flooring: Introducing Premium Luxury Vinyl Tiles


In a pivotal advancement for the flooring industry, Flooring Hut is excited to announce the launch of its newest line of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), expertly combining elegance, resilience, and environmental stewardship. This product line is now available and serves as an optimal flooring solution for both home and commercial applications, showcasing our dedication to quality and sustainable practices. 

Where quality and durability seamlessly blend in our premium range of LVT flooring. As connoisseurs of elegant flooring solutions, we are delighted to present a collection that redefines sophistication in every plank. Our luxury vinyl flooring is designed for those who seek the perfect balance between aesthetic allure and practical functionality.

Exceptional Durability and Maintenance Ease

Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles distinguish themselves with outstanding durability. Engineered to endure the demanding conditions of heavy foot traffic, these tiles are crafted to resist scratches, spills, and wear, making them ideal for bustling areas like kitchens, offices, and corridors. The maintenance of our LVT is simple and straightforward, necessitating only regular cleaning to maintain their pristine appearance, thus ensuring longevity and sustained aesthetic appeal.

Innovative Installation and Supreme Comfort

Featuring cutting-edge installation technology, our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are designed for easy setup. The click-lock technology enables a seamless assembly that homeowners can manage without professional help, offering a significant reduction in installation time and cost. Beyond ease of installation, these tiles provide enhanced comfort underfoot compared to traditional hard flooring options, thanks to their superior insulation properties and softer surface that reduces noise—a crucial feature for multi-level living spaces and high-activity areas.

Aesthetic Flexibility

The aesthetic appeal of our Luxury Vinyl Tiles is vast and versatile, emulating the natural charm of wood, stone, and ceramics with extraordinary accuracy. Our comprehensive range includes various styles and colours, allowing customers to craft personalized and stylish environments effortlessly. This versatility ensures that our LVT solutions meet the diverse preferences and design needs of our customers, facilitating creative expressions across various settings.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Flooring

In alignment with our environmental commitment, Flooring Hut Luxury Vinyl Tiles are manufactured through sustainable practices. These tiles are made using recycled materials and are completely recyclable at the end of their lifespan, minimizing their environmental impact. By choosing our LVT products, customers are not only enhancing their spaces but also contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Economical and Efficient

Despite their numerous advantages, including durability and design diversity, our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an economical flooring solution. They provide the luxurious look and feel of premium materials such as hardwood and stone at a fraction of the cost. This affordability makes our LVT an appealing choice for extensive commercial projects and budget-conscious homeowners alike, providing substantial cost savings over time.

Available Now

Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles are available for immediate purchase through our website. Customers are invited to explore the variety and take advantage of promotional offers currently available by visiting Flooring Hut today.

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Flooring Hut is a frontrunner in providing top-tier flooring solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing the way spaces are designed and utilised. Our products are crafted to merge aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, adhering to the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

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