International Garden Trends

4 Exciting International Garden Trends Reaching The UK


A new year brings a selection of exciting design trends to gardens across the UK. Landscapers and influencers are already taking to discuss their favourite new outdoor aesthetics and colour profiles, as well as which plants are in for the year ahead. Interestingly, there are a number of modern gardeners who are looking abroad for their inspiration, seeking to design their garden spaces in the spirit of their favourite international destinations.

Drawing from the impact that these international garden trends and styles are having online, we’re sharing four of the most hashtagged and most discussed global gardening aesthetics for 2024.


There has always been a small number of homeowners who have dedicated part or all of their garden space to designs inspired by Japan. Among the many themes and styles to be adopted, it is the tranquillity of zen gardens that seems to be most celebrated in the UK. Such designs have a distinct landscape, bringing together stone and water in many ways.

Japanese garden designs tend to have asymmetrical layouts, emphasising key features, such as ponds and statement stones. Pathways are also essential, laid neatly with stone, such as gravel, and wooden panels. While it may be difficult to find a cherry blossom tree, it can be worthwhile to bring such a stunning and colour blossom into your space since, during the spring, it will help to transform your garden into an environment of serenity.


More gardens in the UK are drawing from the Canadian landscape. Rustic features, such as log cabins and deciduous trees, provide not only a wild aesthetic for homeowners to enjoy but also a low maintenance one that will look good throughout the entire year. While residents might not get their own maple syrup anytime soon, evergreen trees have their own beauty and can be wonderful borders to an open area.


Water is placed at the heart of gardens inspired by India and homeowners who enjoy the sound of trickling fountains and the lapping of fish in ponds may enjoy these popular aesthetics that take inspiration from the beautiful land.

The way in which fountains and ponds are decorated is important too. Consider adding certain plants, such as water lotus and reeds, to help elevate their visual appeal. Doing so will also support local ecology too, encouraging a greater number of pollinators and birds into the natural space.


It may seem rather unusual to see Finland inspiring gardens across the UK, especially since it is an infamously cold and snowy country. However, it is not solely the landscape’s vibrant woodland and wild environment that is inspiring homeowners to change their garden, it is also the culture of saunas.

Alongside many popular outbuildings, saunas are becoming increasingly popular online and in neighbourhoods across the country. This is partly because of their health benefits, with many wellbeing-focussed homeowners looking for a greater number of ways in which they can improve their happiness and health at home.

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