Organized This Year

5 Simple Ways to Finally Get Organized This Year


Is orderliness your superpower? It’s normal. But don’t worry, friends. These five principles will help you organize your home, school, and workplace. You’ll be #nailing it this year!

1. Take a note.

You can easily write down anything, from your grocery list to your strategy to kill your New Year’s resolution. You can use your phone’s native apps to quickly create checklists or notes, or you can opt for a more robust digital solution such as Evernote.

2. Set deadlines, create priorities.

There are always new demands and life happens. It is important to set a date for completion if you are serious about your project. You can start to relax knowing where everything is in regard to importance once you assign dates to them.

Keep an eye on your progress daily and set realistic expectations. Don’t forget to take some time off to recharge and rest. Self-care will make you feel more motivated to achieve your goals.

3. Big plans? Keep it small.

How do you eat an elephant? The old saying is “One bite at a moment.” You can break down a big goal into smaller goals. This will increase your chances of achieving it. A mindmap, similar to the one used by many people, can help you create an outline and visualize your plan for achieving your goal. Be specific and recognize your small victories along the way.

4. Your mind will follow your space when you declutter it.

The science says clutter can not only ruin productivity but can also affect your health. A clean workspace, kitchen, and craft area will help you think clearly. Many of us work from home and this can make it more difficult to have multiple rooms and makeshift work areas. Set aside 10 minutes each morning to clean out your home.

5. The place to be for everything

If the items you have just cleared out don’t have a place to go, your decluttering efforts won’t be as effective. After you have disposed of or donated anything that you no longer need, you can take a look at the rest. The first step to deciding what to store is to identify it. According to organizing experts, it is smart to keep items close to where you use them. Finally, make a habit of putting things back in the same place you found them. Future You appreciate it!

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