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Boost Your Health by Drinking Filtered Water


Water is the most significant component in promoting life to humans and every living thing on earth. Humans need water to keep their bodies hydrated which helps the body organs function well. People also rely on water for everyday functioning, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and as a coolant in machines. However, most people don’t know that drinking water affects their health directly or indirectly so you can consider a whole house water filter for your family. For healthier living, the use of filtered water is best. Plus, filtered water makes you smarter.

The type of water you consume, its source, and how you consume it determines its effectiveness. Water contamination can come from anywhere, and filtration before consumption is vital. Water filters have proven effective in ensuring the water is purified and safe for consumption. This article will explore how filtered water can boost your health. To understand this concept well, we need to start by understanding the source of the water.

Sources of Drinking Water

The water flowing in your taps originates from the earth’s surface, such as collection from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and springs. This water is then piped to a collection facility and pumped into our homes. Another water source is the underground water, often referred to as groundwater. This is the water dug from wells.

Purity and Safety of DrinkingWater

Most people tend to think that tap water is all pure and healthy for drinking. This assumption that all the water must have passed through a water treatment facility and all the germs and contamination is filtered is exaggerated. It’s excellent to note that this water travels a distance before we can get it in your homes, and the risk of contamination is very high. This contamination can lead to severe health problems such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, and diarrhea. It can also lead to problems in the reproductive systems in both males and females.

Sources of Contaminants in Drinking Water

Water contamination can be due to physical, biological, or radiological substances in the water. It’s vital to note that the contamination of water will majorly depend on the source of water. This is why it’s often difficult to guarantee purity, especially in tap water. Below are the common contaminants of water

Natural Occurring Contaminants

The elements found in the environment can cause water contamination, making it harmful for consumption. These elements include aluminum, Randon, Arsenic, and uranium. However, it’s vital to note that they are only harmful to your health if they are in high consumption.

Water Treatment Systems that is Malfunction

You can’t assume that the water in your tap is always pure and clean to use because sometimes the system fails. When the system malfunctions due to negligence by the people responsible, the water is unfiltered and not treated, which can lead to adverse health issues if consumed. Some causes of malfunctioning include broken or faulty equipment, aging infrastructure, mechanical error, or technical error.

Contaminants Found in Unfiltered Water

If you feel unwell after drinking the tap water, there may be toxic elements. These elements can be highly concentrated to cause harm, while others are just harmful even in small quantities. When drinking unfiltered water, you are prone to consume some of these elements.


Chlorine is mainly used to disinfect the water. However, when the concentration is high, it can lead to severe health complications. High doses of chlorine have been associated with kidney and liver damage, and high chronic exposure can lead to heart disease.The excess chlorine in the water will cause an odor and a negative taste. Chlorine and its byproducts may also cause cancer.


Floride is often used in improving oral health. However, high fluoride consumption can lead to joint impairments, brittle bones, and damage to the thyroid. Drinking unfiltered water with a high fluoride concentration is dangerous to your health.


The Centers for Disease states that drinking lead-contaminated water is harmful to your health. Children and infants are at higher risk of damaged nerve systems, Impaired hearing, learning disabilities, and impaired cell functioning. If the water is contaminated and contains lead, avoid giving it to your kids or consuming it yourself.


Arsenic is one of the common contaminants found in water. It’s a carcinogen that is associated with various types of cancer. Arsenic also has a tremendous negative effect on the circulatory system. You should also note that continuous consumption of water containing arsenic, no matter how small the concentration, keeps building up in the body, causing fatal health complications.


Aluminum is a metal often found in water, especially the unfiltered ones. It is often associated with nausea, skin rashes, vomiting, and ulcers. High consumption of aluminum contaminated water can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

 Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Knowing the elements in your water can be challenging. However, you can consider a whole house water filter to filter these contaminants. Drinking uncontaminated filtered water has many advantages in boosting your health and your family. Some of these advantages include

Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer

Using water filters, you reduce the risk of consuming water contaminated with elements such as arsenic which is associated with cancer. Some carcinogens that can accelerate cancer growth can be eliminated, ensuring you stay healthy.

Removes Bacteria

Bacterial associated with drinking contaminated water are numerous and can cause health conditions such as chorela. When drinking water, ensure that it is filtered and safe for consumption. The water filters will eliminate all the harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal illness.

Filtered Water Smells and Tastes Better

To enjoy drinking water that significantly impacts your health, choose to filter the water. Water that tastes better and smells better will encourage you to drink more water that benefits your health. The filters will remove the contaminants such as chlorine, giving your water a good taste.

Filtered Water Removes are Contaminants

Using water filters helps remove all contaminants that may cause any harm to you and your family’s health. Its vital to always consider using water filters before drinking the water.


The above elaborates on the water contaminants that can lead to health complications and the benefits of drinking filtered water. Look for a good water filter system to ensure you drink excellent and healthy water. Avoid giving the infants contaminated water since they are fragile to diseases. Drink filtered water to live a healthy life free of cancer and other gastrointestinal illnesses.

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