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Debunking the myths surrounding air duct cleaning


Inadequate cleaning of ducts can lead to various contaminants infiltrating the air within our homes. On the other hand, one approach to guarantee the air within is safe to breathe is to spend money on duct cleaning.

Duct cleaning services are growing in popularity and have recently gained a lot of attention. But we can’t take everything we hear at face value, can we? There are myths about HVAC duct cleaning due to misinformation and plain lies. Our purpose is to dispel these misconceptions and provide the real facts.

Air ducts stay clean.

This is some fake information, whew. Air ducts do get dirty, and air duct mold is a real problem. Thus are allergies, bacteria, dust, and filth. They build up over time and can be very problematic, regardless of how tidy you maintain your home. These pollutants can also impact your health.

Your HVAC system has to work harder to keep up with dirty air ducts, which reduces the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner. Increasing your workload also entails consuming more energy, which will result in higher expenses on your electricity bills. The good news is that routine HVAC duct cleaning can help maintain your unit’s efficiency, ultimately saving you money.

Hiring a pro to clean the ducts is not necessary.

Cleaning your HVAC system’s ducts involves removing collected dust, dander, particulates, and other allergens and microorganisms. Special equipment is required to access all vital portions of your air ducts because they are located within your ceiling, through your walls, and beneath the floor. DIY attempts will only reach the vent and a few inside passageways, but not quite far enough.

Lengthened brushes, strong vacuums, and other tools are required to finish the task.Commercial duct cleaning companies use tools designed especially for thoroughly cleaning the coils deep within your HVAC system. Additionally, qualified technicians can see and fix possible issues before they develop into significant, costly difficulties. For instance, mold presents serious health dangers.

Toxic and hazardous chemicals are used in duct cleaning

We can all agree that exposure to chemicals, poisons, and polluted air is unhealthy. Hence, why inhale any of them? Harsh chemicals are not necessary during the duct cleaning procedure.

Despite what some people believe, professional specialists may use non-chemical options to thoroughly and effectively clean your air vents and ducts. Most companies that provide duct cleaning services also offer non-chemical alternatives. Breathe deeply and relax; cleaning your vents and air ducts is safe.

Dirtyair ducts do not pose any serious dangers.

This is not accurate. Your family’s health is at stake due to poor air quality. Dirty air ducts can cause chronic headaches, exhaustion, respiratory issues, asthma, allergies, etc.

Cleaning air ducts regularly—every three to five years—significantly improves general health. By keeping your ducts clean, you may prevent fatigue and flu-like symptoms brought on by allergens and pollution.

Wrapping up

Hiring experts to clean your air ducts occasionally is advisable to ensure your family’s safety and good health.

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