Protect Your Garden From Termites


Termites love wood which implies they will likewise eat the wellspring of all wood – TREES. While most termites favor dead wood, a few – including Formosan termites – will feed off of live trees. At the point when a colony settles and develops in a tree, it will feed on the core and the limbs.

At the point when termites eat the core of supporting limbs, it debilitates the tree making it become unsound. They can even debilitate the tree to the point that the tree won’t get by. In any case, termites can likewise pervade cypress, ash, and different kinds of trees. Assuming the trees are not treated for termites, the termites will extend the settlement and may focus on your close by home as they grow in size.

The best way to approach the issue is by searching “termites pest control near me” or “termites specialist near me” online. As only a professional can reach the core of the problem. Sure, there are some DIY methods out there that will tell you to either spray pesticide or straight-out burn the trees to get rid of the termites. But that will only end up as a disaster if you don’t know how to handle pesticides and if the fire gets out of control.

Would you be able to Save A Tree From Termites?

Indeed, you can save a tree from termites just when the termites haven’t reached the tree’s heartwood.

Heartwood is the focal wood of the tree. It’s the trees’ supporting column that stores biochemicals that keep the trees strong and standing.

Think about the heartwood of the tree as your spine. Assuming that your spine breaks or bursts, you would obviously not be able to stand, let alone walk. All in all, you would be dead.

The equivalent applies to trees.

Assuming that termites have penetrated the heartwood, which is their main aim, then you would have no choice other than to cut off the tree.

And if you don’t, then the tree can undoubtedly tumble off with a whirlwind wind. It would damage your property, and it represents a huge danger of serious danger to neighbors close by.

Yet, if the termites haven’t reached the heartwood, and they’re simply restricted to the sapwood, in that case, you can without easily save your tree by calling a termites pest control.

To do that, you should recognize the early indications of termite infestation and prevent the termites from arriving at the heartwood.

Here are things to search to decide whether you have a termite infestation in your tree:

  • Search for small openings particularly in soft or rotting spaces of the tree
  • Search for active termites around the openings, leaves, and different regions where they could be stowing away undercover
  • Search for shelter tubes on tree trunks (appear as though mud tunnels)
  • Search for wood dust (they appear as though a little heap of pencil dust around opening holes)
  • Search for disposed termite wings
  • Search for heaps of shavings around the foundation of the tree
  • Search for burrows, nesting chambers, or other unnatural develops that signal a functioning province
  • Eliminate the dirt around the tree roots at the base and search for termites running about
  • Search for little white termite eggs

On the off chance that you find any of the above-mentioned, it’s a possibility you have a termite infestation in your tree. You ought to rapidly act to dispose of them as quick as conceivable before they swarm close by trees, plants, or your home.

How To Save A Tree That Has Termites?


To save a tree from termites first, you’d need to evaluate the intensity of termite infestation in the tree.

It implies that you’d need to see whether termites have arrived at the heartwood of the base trunk of the tree. An arborist is the best individual to let you know if the heartwood is as yet protected.

To discover yourself, you would have to burrow through the termite openings on the tree trunk. Assuming you observe the darkest wood inside the tree has termites, it implies that termites have swarmed the tree’s heartwood.

Keep in mind, the heartwood is the haziest shaded wood in the tree. Likewise, assuming you observe a major opening brimming with mud on the base trunk, then it’s additionally a bad sign.

Delve through the mud opening in the truck. If you reach the dirt through the empty trunk, there’s no way to save the tree. And there’s only one choice left for you. It’s to chop down the tree with termites.

Be that as it may, assuming you find the heartwood untouched by the termites, you can save your tree from termites.


Yet, here’s a trick. Termites may have spread to different parts of the tree. The termites may have reached the heartwood of the branches because the branches are more slender than the truck. Hence, really take a look at the huge branches for indications of termites, particularly mud tunnels and termite holes. Attempt to strip off the bark from these branches.

Assuming the bark falls off quickly and you can get to the heartwood branch even after trying, break those branches. To dispose of the termites in trees everlastingly, you would have to dispose of termites in the tree as well as in the yard.

This is on the grounds that treating just the tree without disposing of the Formosan and subterranean termites living under the dirt is an insane methodology.

Termites will swarm the tree once more.

In this way, it’d be ideal assuming you contact an authorized termite exterminator for the gig. We don’t prescribe taking care of insect sprays without help from anyone else to dispose of termites on such a huge scope.

So search locally for pest control, for example, search a pest control agency by adding the name of your locality. Like, “termites control specialist Brisbane” or “termites treatment brisbane” to find an agency near you.

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