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Types of Ants That Can Cause Harmful Bites If Present in Your Home


Ants are a common household pest. Since a human household provides plenty of resources to ants, they are often seen in homes, offices, and other places where regular human life is visiting. While most people think that ants are harmless and do not cause any more trouble to your health, ants can be disastrous pests if gone out of control. Even though most ant species can bite you when they feel threatened or instigated, there are some species whose bite affects you more prominently. These ants can prove to be hazardous and cause severe disorders to the person if timely action is not taken.

It is essential to know the types of ants that are potentially dangerous for you so you can identify and stay away from such ant species as much as possible. However, if your house is suffering from an ant infestation, you must immediately reach out to pest control services by clicking on this website.

Types of ants that can cause harmful bites if present in your home

1. Fire ant

Fire ants are one of the most aggressive species in the world. Due to their distinct color and feature, these ants can be easily differentiated from other ant species. In addition, a majority of fire ants are found in the United States and have a bright red color. While there is a large population of them in the southern part of the country, they are seen all over America.

However, it is crucial to get rid of a fire ant infestation in your home because of its aggressive nature. Moreover, you must be very careful when dealing with fire ant infestation, as a small trigger can alarm them. If these ants are triggered, the entire colony will start attacking the source of the threat. Several cases have been registered where fire ants have attacked humans gruesomely.

If the condition worsens, the person might even face severe bruises and swelling in their body, making it difficult to recover from the attack.

2. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants have a horny appearance which makes them easy to identify. They are about ½ to 1 inch in length, depending on the different species, and have an antennae pinched on their head.  Generally, carpenter ants are black in color and have a docile nature. However, if threatened or triggered, these ants can do severe damage to humans, including harmful bruises and wounds.

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