Types Of Louvre Opening Roof Systems


As a property owner, you ought to know the materials that will protect you from hazardous weather conditions. The most appropriate system to put up is the Louvre opening roof system. The reason why this is the best option is that these systems withstand any weather conditions, and they have been designed to be functional all year round, reducing the amount of money you will use for maintenance. Due to the emergence of technology, everything has drastically changed, from how the systems are opened to how they are installed. When starting your outdoor project, you might find it hard to find the most appropriate Louvre opening for your home. In this article, we are going to talk about the things you need to consider when installing your Louvre opening systems.

Things to look into when installing your outdoor louvre system include the following;

1. The daggers shape

The shape of the Louvre is essential when it comes to—the installation process. There are so many blades in the market, and all you have to do is to choose the knife that fits your project. Some of the available shapes are; rectangle blades and airfoil-shaped blades. Rectangular blades are the most considered blades since they provide a flat surface in a closed position. Aerofil blades are standard in villas and other areas where a trickled look suits your property.

2. Blade surface finishing

Once you have selected your blade type, the next step is to find the suitable blades finish. There are so many types of surface finish available to you, so you need to choose the colour you want and the powder coating you need. If you prefer specific colours, you could inform the company to make a customised colour. One of the most common blade finishes is anodising. Anodising is excellent since it is a stiff-wearing ring Louvre blade that has a powder coating as well.

3. Electrical or manual operable louvre

Another thing to consider is whether you want the blades to operate manually or electrically. With an electronic blade system, the owner uses the roof with a click of a button, and the controller can be via a remote or a fixed wall switch. Moreover, you can fit them with rain sensors as well. You might be sceptical about purchasing an electronic roof because of the cost, but the price doesn’t vary as much.

4. Choose a canopy that blends with your home design

Your patio needs to go in line with your home’s decor. When choosing the materials, choose the colours matching your house decor. The patio posts can be built from steel or timber, while as for the frames, you could go for timber. Make sure you look into the lines of the construction as well.


As a villa owner or a homeowner, make sure you search for a qualified contractor before you select a certain roof. Louvre roof systems are very effective, and you want to get the best product for your home.

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