Interstate Moves

Across State Lines: Your Guide to Stress-Free Interstate Moves


Relocating to a new house can be a challenging and exciting experience at the same time. Whether you plan to relocate across the country, to a new state, or across town, the secret is to plan things carefully and use this guide with the following tips:

1. Hire a Good Moving Company

Choosing the best moving company, such as BRS Moving, is essential to ensure you have a successful interstate move. Find an experienced and reputable company that is known for dealing with long-distance moves with expertise. Check credentials, read online reviews, and look at the insurance/licensing to ensure you entrust your things to a trustworthy moving company.

2. Research the Local Area of the New State

It is essential to research thoroughly to ensure a smoother transition before you move from your current state to a new one. Reach out to a trustworthy realtor who will give you invaluable insight about neighborhoods and the housing market in the new state you plan to relocate to.

It will also be a great idea to connect with previous property owners and inquire about the safety and security of the neighborhood. In addition, ask about the state regulations and laws to ensure you remain compliant throughout your stay.

3. Set a Reasonable Timeline

Setting a reasonable timeline is among the most important components of planning things carefully. It will give you more time to decide and think while helping you avoid rushing in the last minute as your moving date approaches. When creating a reasonable timeline for your interstate move, ensure you pay attention to the following:

  • Tasks distribution
  • Time required to finish various tasks
  • Upcoming family activities
  • Amount of things you own

4. Take Inventory of Your Things

Begin your journey by taking inventory of your things. With this, you know what to discard, donate, sell, or keep. Prioritize essential belongings, and keep in mind that the more items you move, the more you spend.

To track your things, use a spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet, too, to note the value and conditions of your possessions. With such a record, you can easily make a claim with insurance when the need arises.

5. Get Packing Materials for Free

Packing essentials may easily eat into your budget, but several ways can help you save cash. For instance, you may use several free packing materials, such as old clothing or newspapers, rather than purchasing new ones.

Social media and Craigslist are also perfect resources you can use to get free packing boxes and other essentials. You may as well ask friends and family whether they can spare several packing materials that they don’t use anymore.

6. Assemble and Disassemble Everything

Just because some things can shimmy through your doorway without disassembling doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t disassemble them.

Disassembling your things might seem like a lot of work, but it can save you stress and time by making your move much easier, from loading to unloading.

The Take a way

Interstate moves are overwhelming and stressful. But you can make your transition more enjoyable and easier with proper strategies and planning.

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