Packing like a Pro: Tips for a Seamless Relocation Experience


Packing is among the most important steps during a move. Packing properly will ensure you safely transport your valuables and make unpacking a breeze.

Whether it is your first time or tenth time to move, the following are tips to help you ensure you pack like a pro and have a seamless relocation:

1. Get Help

You will likely have a very tight schedule if you are a full-time mom or work in an office. So, you need to plan things.

If you are planning to hire a moving company, ensure you get a quote from several companies to get a good deal. After choosing a good company, such as AAA Moving, make the necessary reservations to deal with your move.

2. Clear Up and Get Organized

Before packing, take time to make your home tidy. Look at your things and determine what to sell, donate, discard, and keep before the day of your move.

Minimizing the amount of things you need to move will save you space and time. In addition, you will cut down your moving expenses and make the organization of your things more efficient.

3. Consider Using What is Available Already

Scour your house for things that may double as packing supplies. For example, you may use your children’s stuffed animals to fill those empty spaces when packing boxes with fragile stuff. You can use towels, linens, and blankets instead of bubble wrap.

Consider getting more creative if you plan to rent moving trucks rather than hiring movers. Use duffle bags, dresser drawers, laundry baskets, hampers, and garbage bags when moving clothes and non-breakable/lightweight items.

4. Use Boxes with the Right Sizes

When packing books during your move, put them and other heavy stuff in several small boxes. Pack light stuff, such as pillows and linens, in bigger boxes.

Large boxes, mostly packed with heavy stuff, are common complaints of experienced and professional moving companies. Such boxes make the work more difficult and have a higher chance of breaking.

5. Leave Clothing on Hangers

Leaving clothing on hangers will make moving and organizing your new house easier. To achieve that, you need to group your clothes by four or five hangers based on how heavy they are and then wrap them in several big garbage bags.

Another option you can opt for is to use wardrobe boxes that include metal hanging bars to hold a few hangers with clothing. Moving the clothes straight into your new wardrobe after getting to your new house.

6. Take Pictures of Disassembled Things and Other Stuff

If you bring unhooking cables or disassembled furniture, take pictures of how you used to have them in your old house. This will serve as a guide to how you can put them together.

As you do that, take photos of your other stuff in case something goes missing or an accident damages your things. This is important when hiring movers.

To have a stress-free move, you must plan and make necessary preparations when packing. This must include leaving clothing on hangers, using the right boxes, getting organized, and hiring professional movers.

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