Moving Easier

Expert Organizing Tips to Make Moving Easier


Moving can be stressful, but these moving tips and tricks from professional organizers like moving NYC organization can help streamline the process. While the thought of finally moving into a new home may be exciting (especially after weeks of negotiating and filling out plenty of paperwork), prepping for a big move can make any calm and collected person.

It can be great to ensure that the moving company you plan to work with shares their best tips for a big move with Real Simpleā€”from prepping weeks before to organizing everything the day off and unpacking afterward. Look at the following guide, and you’ll be ready to tackle moving day so you can go straight to celebrating and decorating your new home.

Prep Early

Wait to leave the decluttering and packing until a few days before; you’ll make it much harder on yourself and your family. However, to eliminate moving stress, we always recommend preparing in phases. Remember that two to four weeks before packing, you should begin the purging process. Once you eliminate the items that aren’t moving to the new house, you can pack your belongings, moving room by room.”

Organize Your Current House

You might think organizing your current home would be a good use of time since you’ll leave soon, but it might save you some precious minutes. “Put the items under your kitchen sink into a bin, or organize your bathroom products into drawer inserts. Once in your new space, you can unpack the container and pop it into its new place rather than dealing with free-floating items. Since you might not know the exact dimensions of your new cabinets and drawers, buy products that are modular or a universal size that would fit most spaces.

Pack by Room

It will keep things streamlined and make unpacking easier. “Packing by room is the easiest way to keep your items organized throughout the moving process. However, make sure each box only contains items from one room. Even if a box has extra space, you want to avoid adding items from another part of the house.”

Label, Label, Label

Create a system to keep track of all items so you don’t get to a new place and realize you can’t find something, then have to open all the boxes to find one thing. “We love to label, and during a move, labels are your best friend. Ensure that you label the contents of each box along with a box number, and keep a corresponding checklist for easy reference.

Take It All In

Moving can be exhausting (both emotionally and physically), so taking time to breathe and think on a moving day. Make sure that you can take a minute to enjoy the milestone moment. Half the work is already behind you, and the hardest part is out of the way. Focus on setting up your new home and celebrate the fresh start.”

Final Thoughts

Take note of the height, width, and depth to shop for product supplies that take advantage of every inch. We always suggest buying a few options to experiment with and extra quantities if needed. You can always return anything left over or use them in other areas of the house.

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