Common Mixer Grinder Problems

Common Mixer Grinder Problems and How To Solve Them


A mixer grinder is one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances. Sometimes it may be challenging for you to manage without a mixie. Almost every homeowner can survive without an oven, but surviving without a mixie and refrigerator is pretty tricky.

Mixer grinder saves not only money but also time. A mixer grinder is truly your savior if you’re a bachelor living away from home. Nonetheless, one of the most common problems is that these tend to wear out pretty soon.

Some of the common problems with a mixer grinder include the following:


When you buy a mixer grinder, you need to check for any leakage. However, this is one problem that will occur mostly if your appliance is extremely old. If the mixer grinder blade is loose in the jar, it is highly likely to break down.

Mixer grinders, when maintained properly, can last for more than ten years. The best benefit is that these require little to no maintenance. If there is a loose blade in the jar, you can easily fix it using a screwdriver. Tightening the blade of the mixer isn’t even difficult.

However, sometimes you will also need to change the gunmetal. The gunmetal can last up to three years. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a check on it. Excessive use of the same can be damaging. Nonetheless, if there is a crack in the jar, you will need to replace it even if it is new.

No longer sharp blades

The blades of the mixer grinders are meant to be sharp. However, if it fails to mix the ingredients properly, it is a sign that you need to change the blades. Before you replace the blades entirely, you should consider strengthening them using rock salt.

One spoon of rock salt can have a great impact on the grinder. Nonetheless, if the rock salt fails to create any impact, you will need to replace the blades or get your hands on a new mixer. Spanner can also be of great help for strengthening the mixer. If the blade doesn’t work properly, it should move in an anti-clockwise direction.

Coupler is broken

If the coupler of your mixer is broken, it can be a huge problem. The coupler can last for a long time. However, sometimes you will need to pay attention to it. If you are regularly blending frozen vegetables and fruits, the damage can increase due to the high speed. This may also result in the coupler breaking.

Unlike other parts, a coupler cannot be repaired, and therefore, you will need to call professionals to replace it entirely. It is strictly advisable to refrain from changing the coupler without professional help.

The mixer grinder keeps tripping

If you keep resetting your mixer, the chance of it tripping increases. It would help if you allowed the food to cool down to get this impact. Make sure to avoid using extremely hot food.

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