Improve Your Apartment Living

Handy Looks at Ways on How to Improve Your Apartment Living



According to Handy, even if you live in a rented apartment, it is important to decorate it with a personal touch to make it feel like home. There is no need to get disheartened if you don’t have the time or money to make large changes. Even making simple changes such as upgrading the pillow covers in your bedroom and replacing dull shades with pleasing curtains can elevate the beauty of your home.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to improve your apartment living:

1. Pay attention to the details

The best way to preserve the beauty in your apartment is to keep everything organized. Avoid messy tabletops and untidy shelves since they not only make your home look cluttered but also reduce the functionality of the space.

When organizing decorative items such as stacks of books, candles, art objects, and more, ensure you leave enough breathing room. The goal is to arrange everything thoughtfully so that it helps to speak about a story. Also, hang bold art pieces in your living room and bedroom to infuse the space with some creative energy and feel.

2. Get some real plants for your home 

Invite nature into your home by decorating your house with real houseplants. Indoor plants help to purify the air and inspire your home by absorbing stale air. Plus, they release oxygen to allow you to breathe easier.

However, unlike a purifier that only acts as an air-filtration system, houseplants also improve the aesthetic beauty inside your apartment adding a variety of colors and textures. There are several cacti and succulents that require low maintenance and yet provide many different benefits to elevate your living condition inside your home.

3. Upgrade the color and lighting

You can paint your apartment with specific color combinations and lighting to create the perfect mood that would allow you to vibe with your friends and family members. Or just allow you to relax comfortably in your bedroom or living room. You can also introduce new colors in your home by adding pillows, curtains, towels, wall art, and more with different shades.

However, it is also important to invest in high-quality lighting fixtures to set the proper tone and ambiance inside your apartment. A couple of wall sconces, a modern chandelier above the bed, and a boldly designed floor lamp can do the trick.

4. Focus on bathroom essentials 

There are several ways to improve the appearance of a dull bathroom. You can upgrade the shower curtains to create a stunning visual impact or even display and fold your towels like a hotel to create a vibe of luxury. It is also recommended you swap the old bathroom vanity with a modern design to make it feel like new.


Handy suggests you maximize the storage space in your apartment to make it more functional, especially if you are limited in floor space. Generally, investing in furniture such as coffee tables, ottomans, and side tables that double as storage is a good idea. Also, don’t forget to add an area rug in your living room since it helps to add texture and can even serve as a focal point.

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