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How Are Bathroom And Kitchen Cabinets Different?


The look of bathroom and kitchen cabinets is often the same. There are some key differences that can complicate your next remodel project. Bathroom and kitchen cabinets are not only different in size, but also designed for different rooms. Our custom cabinet maker can create the exact cabinets you need for your home.

Continue reading to find out the differences between bathroom cabinets. We will also discuss the benefits of designing custom cabinet.

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Can I Use Kitchen Cabinets In The Bathroom

You can use bathroom cabinets, but it will require some work. To make space for under-sink plumbing, you will need to take out the drawers from your kitchen cabinet. To seal the wood, you will need to disassemble the kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets will become susceptible to moisture if they are not taken apart.

It is not a good idea for your new bathroom cabinet to be too small or block your doorway. This is because kitchen cabinets can be taller than their bathroom counterparts. Our bathroom cabinet builders is the best solution. They can build custom bathrooms cabinets to match your home and the space available.

Depth And height

The average depth of kitchen cabinets is 24 inches, while bathroom cabinets measure around 21 inches. Because you will need to store groceries, pots and pans, as well as appliances, it makes sense for kitchen cabinets to be deeper. Bathroom cabinets are usually not as deep which can make it difficult to store all your essentials where you need them.

Also, bathroom cabinets are usually shorter than kitchen cabinets (31/4″ vs. 31/4″). We’ve noticed that manufacturers are making taller bathroom cabinets, as most people don’t like to have to reach for their items. Bathroom cabinets are still shorter than kitchen cabinets.


Ask our kitchen cabinetmakers about built-in options such as lazy susans or spice racks or wine racks. We ask you how you intend to use your custom-built kitchen cabinets before we start your project. This allows us to get a better understanding of your storage needs and lifestyle. You can also customize your bathroom cabinets to store more items and make it easier for you to use the available counter space.


Many clients want to know if the custom bathrooms they choose must match those in their kitchen. It depends on your preference. You may choose to match the cabinets if your bathroom is located just off the kitchen. You can choose a different style if your bathroom is far enough from the kitchen. This is especially true if your bathroom is located down the hall or on a different floor to your kitchen.

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