Identify Termite Infestation

How To Identify Termite Infestation In Your Home?


Termites can wreak havoc on your home or office once they invade. You must eradicate them when their infestation is in a limited space lest they spread to other areas of your living space or office. Only prompt action can save your house and property from further damage.

The only way to get rid of pests is to hire a professional agency such as Milford pest control and let them make your house termite-free. However, termites don’t attack your house instantly. They gradually start invading your house.

You need to identify the following signs which indicate termite infestation in your house: 

When You Find Termites Nesting in Your Home

Usually, the termites nest in spring. They can create their nesting place almost in any vents, fissures, or cracks. The problem is that they move very fast and quickly, creating such nesting places. Once they start breeding, this spread further goes up.

Termites Gathering At Wooden Places in Your Home

Termites have tremendous wood-gnawing power. They attack all wooden articles—furniture, wooden wall panels, and wooden floors. They don’t even spare wood-made photo frames. If you notice termites near your furniture or wooden structure, take help from a professional pest consultant.

Termites Building Mud Tubes at a Concrete Structure

Such activities are being carried out by the species of termite active inside the layer of earth or in subterranean areas. They build mud tubes or muddy tunnels to create their own home.

They store their food there, breed, and create their colony, which takes vast shape unless exterminated. These mud tubes are often interlinked, thus allowing termites to travel freely. As such mud tubes are built at the foundation of a concrete structure, they weaken it over the years.

Termites Emerging Out of Vents or Fissures of Walls

It shows they have created a colony there. Such termite colonies must be eradicated at the earliest. They may penetrate or go deep inside the walls and weaken them soon.

You must act swiftly. Any delay in taking action means allowing termites time enough to further get deep into such vents or fissures.

Noticing Termites on Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden wall panels happen to be one of the favorite places to nest and breed for the termites. If not chemically treated, such wooden panels may start decaying due to the gnawing of termites. A little delay may cost you the entire wooden panel.

They may enter inside the panel to gnaw at papers, clothes, and other valuable items kept there. Being invasive, you cannot protect your valuable items from termites. This can happen when you give them time enough to spread.

In Conclusion

Termites don’t attack a house or office immediately. There are plenty of signs to watch out for to identify whether termite infestation is taking place in your house or office.

If you notice any such sign indicating possible termite infestation, contact an exterminator for help. Allowing them more time can let termites further expand their areas of invasion.

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