Hiring a Chimney Sweep

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Chimney Sweep


Chimney cleaning is not a job for the inexperienced. While you can clean your chimney yourself, it is advisable to employ an expert. Operating on the roof can be threatening terrain, so you should hire experts. You could slide down and hurt yourself or be destroyed by flying debris coming out of the chimney if you don’t have the right tools.

Walking around on your roof can also harm the shingles, especially if you’re not wearing proper footwear. Another essential advantage of hiring an expert is that they may be able to detect more severe issues that require attention that is unrelated to cleaning. Here are some inquiries to ask to make sure you’re recruiting the right person.

Is the chimney sweep well-trained and supervised?

Chimney sweeping is an unregulated profession. There are, nevertheless, competent private institutions where sweeps can train, obtain certification, and then join. Keep this question in mind for the chimney sweep.

Make sure that whoever you choose is a member of these organizations. The National Chimney Sweep Guild, the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and the National Fireplace Institute are the three most well-known. The former and last websites have a segment where you can put your zip code and discover someone appropriate in your area.

Are there any unaddressed complaints against the service provider?

This advice applies to all companies, not just chimney and fireplace services. It’s a good idea to inquire or conduct your investigation to see if your supplier has any great grumblings with the City/State Consumer Protection Agency or the Better Business Bureau. Verify the company’s background for unsettled concerns, its overall evaluation, and any accusations filed with your local District Court.

What is your company’s history?

This is a crucial query because it reveals a great deal about the firm’s overall track record. While hiring a firm that has only been in business for a year or two isn’t a bad idea, it’s preferable to consider hiring one that has a long history of providing outstanding service. And besides, in a competitive field, a business that delivers poor service is unlikely to flourish, so companies that can remain open for years are usually among the greatest.

Do you have any references?

Finding out if a service you’re contemplating for chimney cleaning, inspection, or maintenance can offer you with references is yet another excellent approach to discovering more about them. If so, ask questions about the firm’s prompt reply, work satisfaction, pricing, and even whether their homes were treated respectfully throughout the procedure from those references. All of these characteristics reveal a lot about a chimney expert.


These questions are crucial for your safety regardless of who you go with. Chimney professionals are in charge of your security in a very realistic way. Hire somebody familiar with the business sector and who has experience with chimney upkeep. For a yearly chimney evaluation, chimney cleaning, or any other chimney demands, contact chimney sweep cleaning Manhattan beach.

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