Buying Guide for Inverter Split AC in 2021


In the summer, we can’t imagine surviving without air conditioning. Not only does air conditioning keep you cool, but it also keeps your body hydrated. People with asthma who live in an air-conditioned environment are less likely to have asthma attacks.

Are you having trouble finding a good air conditioner? Then you landed at the right place. Here is a guide that will assist you in selecting split air conditioners in 2021. You can use these strategies to find the best air conditioner for you.

Budget and type of air conditioning

Before you buy an air conditioner, you should plan your budget. Some of the essential points could be the cost such as purchasing cost, installation cost and maintenance cost. This cost can be different for different brands and types.

The following are the various types of air conditioners available on the market:

  1. Central Air Conditioner
  2. Ductless Mini-Split
  3. Smart Air Conditioner
  4. Geothermal Air Conditioner
  5. Floor Mounted AC
  6. Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner
  7. Window Air Conditioner
  8. Portable Air Conditioner

There are also different sizes of air conditioners, such as 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, and so on. In India, air conditioning costs 29 thousand rupees.

Consumption of energy

It’s crucial to double-check so that the most cost-effective choice can be considered. An electrical appliance’s energy efficiency is represented by a star rating system. The higher number of stars makes it more efficient.┬áThe Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India developed the star rating system, which ranges from one to five stars. However, keep in mind that as the number of stars on your ac inverter split rises, so will the price. This can also have a direct impact on your budget.

Maintenance ease

Yes, you must service your air conditioners once a year if you want to verify that they are working properly. While maintaining the air conditioners, one learns about all the issues.

According to some experts, even if you don’t notice any problems with your air conditioner, you should get it serviced at least once every three months.

Keep in mind whether it is a 1.5 ton split ac inverter or 2 ton split ac inverter, it requires maintenance. For more information, you can contact Sanyo. One can see a wide variety of different types of AC at affordable prices. You can contact them on different social media handles Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for the latest offers.

Regular maintenance will help to extend the operational life of your equipment.

Capacity for cooling

The ability of a cooling system to remove heat from a room can be calculated by its cooling capacity. It’s critical to have an air conditioner with a cooling capacity that suits your home’s specs. If your unit doesn’t have enough cooling capacity, it won’t be able to chill your home effectively. If your air conditioner has too much cooling capability, it will cause big temperature swings in your home and will not properly dehumidify the air. Both cases will result in inefficiencies and energy wastage.

For every 1,000 square feet of living space, a residence requires one tonne of cooling.

The cooling efficiency of your AC also depends on few other factors such as:

  • The number of people acquiring the room:

Experts said that if the room will be inhabited by a big number of people (say 7-8 persons), the air conditioning should be increased by 8-10%.

  • The number of windows:

A higher number of windows in a room means more sunshine enters the space. Furthermore, some warm air may enter the room through these windows, necessitating the need to enhance the AC’s capacity.

These are the key points that you should keep in mind before and at the time of purchasing and using your inverter split ac.

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