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Can you choose flooring freely in a Homeowners Association or Condo?


As soothing as Condos and HOAs might seem, sometimes they too start to feel a bit harsh. Because they have rules to maintain a sense of harmony, they might impose strict rules. Experienced Homeowners Association Management (Texas USA) companies and Condo Association Management Companies (Worth Ross) know how to deal with these issues. But things get a little complicated around certain areas. One such thing that brings anger within the hearts of many is this flooring. You want that hard floor so hard, but then there stands your HOA management knocking at the door! What can you do about it? What are your rights and your duties?

Flooring rights and your (HOA) homeowners association management!

Many people have been found crying about their management or board putting restrictions on choosing the floor type that they like. They wonder why are there rules at all? There is a sense of amazement over why cannot they have freedom within their walls?

The answer is that sound travels beyond surfaces. Because sound can easily travel beyond walls and floors, there are restrictions to what floor types you can choose. But what does it have anything to do with sound?

When you live in sort of mutual harmony, you expect your neighbors to bring gifts and smiles to you, not troubles. Sound can be very annoying many times. When you have hard surface flooring, your simple steps create noise and this noise easily troubles those living beneath you. There will be ticks and tocks and knocks of objects and whatnot! This is the reason almost all of the homeowners association management (Texas USA) companies deny floors of choice. But it does not mean that you cannot have any choice at all!

What flooring options can you have?

It is all about keeping the noise to a certain low. You would never want your neighbors to be annoyed with you. It is a question of kindness and modesty in your very nature. When you are in a society you must act as a part of one. Suppose your body is a society. Different body parts are acting as members. Imagine your hands want to turn on the TV, but your ears and eyes are tired! What would you expect? A conflict alone!

When you are in a society you must try to maintain a sense of harmony, and this sometimes might mean suppressing some of your desires. When it comes to floors, all you have to do is to have a flooring that helps in suppressing the noise. Here are a few flooring options that you might consider!

  • Rubber Flooring
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring (with a sound-insulating under layer)
  • Cork Flooring
  • WPC Flooring

This way you can ensure that when you go down your neighbor smiles at you and wishes you a good day instead of needless frowns.

If HOA, Condo, or Condo Association Management Companies, Worth Ross says, deny you any choice at all then you first must ask them for the reason. If they say that CC&R has these necessary restrictions then you might want to check the state laws regarding the same. Local HOA and Condo laws are not over state laws. If your state laws allow you certain things then you might want to ask your management company for the same. If it does not agree then you have the option to go legal.

Furthermore, make sure you inform your HOA or Homeowners Association Management (Texas USA) about the changes you are going to make. It is a necessity. It is a requirement. This helps your management company to make necessary arrangements regarding the same.

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