Custom Glass Shower Doors

What Are Your Options for Perfect Custom Glass Shower Doors


The bathroom has become a place not only for private rituals but also to escape from everyday life. Homeowners wanted to have a bathroom that is not only comfortable but also pleasing to the eyes. That is why they opted to remodel their comfort rooms to more aesthetically pleasing and more functional layouts.

One of the remodeling solutions that they install in their bathrooms are the custom glass shower doors. This enclosure does not only make the space look more elegant but also provides an optical illusion, making it look more spacious than it actually is.

Choosing the perfect glass shower door doesn’t have to be as difficult as taking your SAT exam. In this short guide, we will give you a quick overview of the things you need to consider before installing your glass shower door.

Types of shower doors

Framed Shower Doors

The frameless shower door has been the standard for years. They’re easy to install and affordable, but they can lack durability or style if you don’t take care of them properly. A framed enclosure provides you more stability than its fragile cousin while still looking good in your bathroom.

Though framed glass doors are very much affordable, the only drawback of this type of enclosure is that they are not that stylish because of their metal framing.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are the most attractive and elegant way to waterproof your bathroom. While its design is simple, they are difficult for installation because there’s no metal frame around the perimeter, which means it can be either sliding or hinged depending on what you want in terms of function.

These features also mean that they require stronger mounting options than traditional door frames do. The glass used here needs plenty o’ strength though; otherwise, water might end up breaking through onto whatever surface lies beneath, which is the last thing you want to happen in your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors

Just like their name suggests, these doors allow you to enter your shower from either side. Inside the track of this system are metal bars that will hold up glass panels with rollers attached at each end so they can slide across easily when needed without any problem or hassle.Remember that it’s only usable on larger openings for two full-size glass doors – smaller entries won’t allow such use due to them being too small or having other obstacles blocking their path.

The best way to install a sliding shower door is with the help of an experienced home solutions professional. This type of enclosure can be pretty difficult, so make sure you consider contacting an expert.

Folded Shower Doors

When it comes to making the most of your compact shower space, bi-fold doors are a great option. They offer more flexibility than just sliding or hinged panels and can be used on either wide open spaces as well narrow ones because they require support from railings to operate properly.

This type of shower enclosure can be either folded into two (bi-folded) or three (tri-folded). It depends on the space available in your bathroom.

Hinged Shower Door

Hinged Shower Doors function just like a normal door in any part of your house. You can find them in framed or frameless designs, and they allow entry into a bathroom by opening up with one swing. While it limits the space of your bathing area, it is best suited for big bathrooms without dead panels. It can also work on small ones where there is no wall opposite from which to hang an open door type fixture.

The installation process for this type of product varies depending upon where there will be hinges mounted: either directly onto walls, as in our example here; Or if desired more easily accessible by gravity alone -such- then fixed glass inserts may need installing instead

Door size matters

One thing that most homeowners forget to consider is the size of their glass shower door. When measuring for your shower door, don’t forget that it’s not just about getting size specifications right.

You need to make sure all other fixtures like tile and backer board are installed before you start installing glass shower doors. This will ensure accuracy in measurements which can save time down the line if there are any problems or issues during installation (like needing extra permits).

The thickness of the glass

The next factor you need to consider when choosing a glass shower door is its thickness. The thickness of your shower door depends on the type of shower door you wish to install in your bathroom. If you choose frameless shower doors, the glass is typically much thicker than the framed ones. This is because frameless glass doors need more support and need to be more durable since they do not have any metal enclosures surrounding them. Frameless glass doors range in thickness from 3/8″ to 1/2″.

Though frameless showers are much more expensive than their framed counterparts, you can’t deny that the durability of these enclosure types is top-notch. Also, since thick glasses are heavy, they are much more comfortable to operate daily.

Hardware material

Matching the shower hardware to other parts in your bathroom can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You must pay attention not only to what colors are used for exterior and interior pieces but also how they’re styled together because this will ultimately lead to deciding which type or style best suits all aspects of design desired by homeowners.

Your Glass Shower Door, Your Choice

We have just pointed out the elements you need to consider when choosing custom glass shower doors. It is now in your hands to choose which version of enclosure works best for your overall preferences and aesthetics.

And if you are still on the fence in choosing which shower door to choose, you can always tap into professionals like Coastal Closets and Showers, which offers professional custom glass shower doors in the Treasure Coast.

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